Workers' Compensation

The Diocese of Raleigh is covered for Workers’ Compensation through Zurich Insurance. Claims are to be processed directly by the parish/school to Zurich Insurance. 

Claims should be processed online directly using the link: View this Claim Reporting Screen Shot to help you get started when submitting a claim. 

Please note there are required fields, which are indicated by an asterisk. When completing the form, please note you will need the following information at a minimum:

Parent Company Name: Please list Diocese of Raleigh/YOUR LOCATION NAME

Policy #: WC-57-10-332

  • Injured worker and witness information
  • Nature/severity of injury
  • Lost time - if yes, first date of lost time
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Injured worker address

 NOTE: If for some reason you are unable to process the claim online due to technology issues or you are not at a place where you have access to file the claim online, the claim can be phoned in to the following number: 1-800-987-3373. This is only to be used at a time when you do not have the ability to file the claim online.

For questions or additional information, please contact Nancy von Gunten, Benefits Administrator, at 984-900-3420 or