Vision Plan

The Diocese of Raleigh vision plan for routine eye care is provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP) in conjunction with the medical benefits. Employees and covered dependents must be enrolled in the diocesan medical plan in order to participate in the Vision Plan.

The diocesan vision benefit plan allows employees and covered dependents to utilize the VSP network of eye-care providers for routine eye exams and eyewear. In-network benefits include an annual eye exam every 12 months with a $10 co-pay and an allowance for glasses or contacts every 12 months with a $20 co-pay. Partial reimbursements are given for routine eye-care services provided outside of the VSP network.

Employees and covered dependents enrolled in the Diocese of Raleigh vision plan will not be issued an I.D. card from Vision Service Plan (VSP). Instead participants can choose a VSP doctor at or call 800-877-7195. When making an appointment with a VSP provider, participants need to state they are covered by the VSP plan. The provider will be able to access the VSP network and verify benefits. Participants may utilize out-of-network providers but will need to pay the total charges in full and be reimbursed the out-of-network allowance. To file an out-of-network claim, visit and click on “File a Claim to Request Reimbursement” to process online, or use the out-of-network claim form (link above) and mail to the address listed on the form.