Dental Plan

The Diocese of Raleigh offers a Dental plan for Regular Full-time employees and their eligible dependents.  Benefits are provided by Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust (CBEBT). The Dental plan provides coverage for preventative/diagnostic, basic, and major dental procedures.  Benefits are in effect the first of the month following date of hire unless date of hire is the first of the month, then benefits will be in effect on that date.Employees whose classification of hours does not qualify them for a particular benefit cannot purchase the benefit independently.

Participants may go to any dentist they choose or utilize the Aetna Dental PPO network.  Benefits will be paid by CBEBT on the discounted amount if an in-network dental provider is utilized.  You may search for an Aetna provider at Aetna Dental, or contact the Aetna Dental Network at: 1-800-852-4877.  

There is no annual deductible requirement under the Dental Plan. The maximum benefit payable for all Dental Covered Charges incurred by a covered person during a calendar year is $1,000. Please see the Dental Plan summary for benefit levels.

Treatments that will exceed $200 should be filed to CBEBT for a pre-determination of benefits before treatment begins.