School holds cultural diversity and racism session in honor of Black Catholic History Month

The faculty and staff of John Paul II School in Southern Pines held an in-service education session on Cultural Diversity and Racism as part of diocesan-wide recognition of Black Catholic History Month. The event included instruction, activities and reflection on addressing prejudice, discrimination and racism. The group also explored strategies on leveraging the universality of our Catholic faith to confront discrimination and racism to make the schools, communities and families we serve more just. The Diocese of Raleigh African Ancestry Ministry gratefully acknowledges Fr. McNair, Fr. Forbes and Principal John Donohue for co-hosting the Cultural Diversity and Racism session and the JPII faculty for providing an incredible potluck lunch for attendees!

The JPII in-service day was one of several events held throughout the Diocese of Raleigh in recognition of Black History Month, including “Celebrating the Elders” and Day of Reflection events at Holy Cross in Durham.