High school feasibility study underway

Story updated May 30, 2023

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We thank you for your participation in the feasibility study to help the Diocese of Raleigh consider the possibility of opening a high school in the Durham/Chapel Hill area. There was a robust response to the study conducted in May. Stay tuned at the end of June for updates on the results and recommendations for the future.

May 15, 2023

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The Diocese of Raleigh's feasibility study focusing on the potential new Catholic high school for the Durham, Orange, western Wake area continues to move forward with great energy. A New School Study Team is working to keep the process on pace and provide leadership and expertise throughout the study.

The most frequent question being asked is, what is the vision for this new school? What could/should it look like? 

The proposed new Catholic high school would provide a vibrant and rigorous learning environment where the teachings, traditions and values of our Catholic faith will be experienced in all areas of school life. A strong and authentic Catholic identity will empower students to encounter, articulate and live the beliefs and life of the Catholic Church modeled by the life of Jesus Christ. Through the integration of Gospel values and Catholic Social Teachings into all content areas, a strong and authentic Catholic identity is established and will empower students to encounter, articulate and live the beliefs and life of the Catholic Church modeled by the life of Jesus Christ. This school community will provide a variety of experiences to develop the body, mind and spirit of each student as they become the person God intends them to be.

This new high school will reflect and serve the many parish communities and the varied cultural, social, economic and faith communities of Durham, Orange, and western Wake counties. Parents, families and local communities will be valued and invited to actively engage in the educational, formational, social and extracurricular life of the school and students.

High-quality teachers, staff members and school leaders will be deeply rooted in and committed to the evangelizing and educational mission of the high school.

High academic standards and a curriculum designed for innovative learning and teaching in the technical, medical and business worlds will provide students with superior educational preparation for college, other opportunities for higher learning and for life. Several varied programs under consideration include college dual enrollment, an early college program, the International Baccalaureate program, as well as potential internships or mentorships with local business, technical or business institutions.

At the present time, community demographic statistics are being gathered and analyzed along with parish and Catholic school enrollment trends in the Durham, Orange, and western Wake counties. The goal of the data research is to provide a foundation for determining the strength of the student pool in areas from which the proposed school could draw enrollment and ensure sustainability for the future.

Additionally, the Meitler group has prepared a market research survey for families in the study area to determine the interest in a new high school and its potential enrollment. Combined with a market research survey in May 2023, the data findings and results will demonstrate if this new school program is feasible. If there is sufficient interest and enrollment, this determination leads to the next phase, which includes financial analysis  for the proposed school, estimating costs, creating a funding model and establishing a timeline for next steps in the planning process.