Bishop met with smiles, enthusiasm at St. Catherine of Siena School

It’s a Wednesday morning at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Wake Forest. Parishioners and students file through the front doors to celebrate Mass with Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama. Older students help the younger ones find their seats. Some 7th graders take their seats near the sanctuary so they may participate by offering prayers of the faithful and readings.

It’s the bishop’s first visit to the school, and people are excited to see him.

During the homily, Bishop Zarama talked about the importance of following Jesus without conditions. He invited children to embrace the love of Jesus and demonstrate that love by their actions.

At the end of the Mass, he thanked students for their participation and attentive behavior and suggested that the principal give them a day off.  

After Mass, the bishop visited each classroom. Students were able to ask all kind of questions, including “What’s your favorite food?” and “What’s the most difficult part of your work?” The school community gave the bishop a jacket with the school logo to commemorate his visit.   

At the end of his tour, Bishop Zarama met members of the school’s leadership group and discussed the value of being part of a small school and the importance of living one day at the time.

“Enjoy this moment of your life and the present right now,” the bishop said.