Local family to provide $2M in scholarships for students to attend JPII High School

Rich and Colleen Balot recently announced the creation of the Balot Family Scholarships to benefit students at Pope John Paul II Catholic High School in Greenville.

These scholarships, which total $2 million, provide tuition for all four years of high school, with a family’s cost of $100 per month.

In order to be eligible, students must be rising 9th and 10th grade students who successfully meet the admission requirements at JPII.

“Our scholarship hopes to reach out to all students who want to attend JPII,” donor Colleen Balot said. “We believe all students who exhibit hard work and a strong will to succeed - regardless of faith, background, or household income - would benefit from a private education at JPII.”

To apply for the scholarship, students must go to www.balotfamilyscholarships.com:

(1) Submit the online scholarship application

(2) Provide a copy of their most recent transcript

(3) Request for two people to submit an online recommendation form on their behalf

(4) Complete the High School Placement Test (once items 1 through 3 are received) and

(5) Complete the FACTS Grant & Aid financial assessment.

All decisions related to scholarship recipients will be made by the Balot family.

“We encourage students to apply for one of the 50 available scholarships before Friday, July 20th at the 5 p.m. deadline,” added Rich Balot. “Interested students and parents can find more information about the scholarships, JPII, and how to apply by visiting our website, www.balotfamilyscholarships.com.”

“What the Balot family is doing for students in Greenville and the surrounding communities is incredibly generous. Attending a college preparatory Catholic school will have a lasting impact on the students selected for this scholarship. We are blessed to have the Balots as part of the JPII family,” noted principal Craig Conticchio.

About Pope John Paul II Catholic High School

Pope John Paul II Catholic High School is a college preparatory school of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, offering a four-year program of studies. Within the tradition of our Catholic faith, the school builds character through the development of the whole person: mind, body and spirit, instilling a commitment to lifelong learning.