Classes begin at Cardinal Gibbons High School

August 15 marked the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and the first day of school at Cardinal Gibbons High School. Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama began the day with Mass and noted the significance of beginning the school year by listening.

“The Feast of the Assumption of Mary can teach us something today,” said Bishop Zarama. “Mary was humble enough to listen to the word of God, to find his will. How humble are we in our daily lives to really listen and ask, what is the will of God for me?”

Bishop Zarama explained that formation is not only learning math and science, which are good things, but that we also need to learn how to form our bodies and souls. “How open are we to the formation of our souls?” asked Bishop Zarama. “The mission of Jesus is for us to take care of our bodies and our souls. Our souls give us the opportunity to find joy and meaning in our lives.” Bishop concluded, “Never forget to take care of your soul, the source of joy in your lives. Ask Mary to help us to be humble to listen to God’s will and say yes.”

After Mass, Bishop visited with seniors in Catholic Vocations and Spanish classes accompanied by principal Nancy Barkan. This year, Cardinal Gibbons is celebrating 110 years of Catholic education in the Diocese of Raleigh.