Safe Environment Team Tools

The following tools, including forms and historical documents, are provided for use by parish Safe Environment Teams.

Submit a Safe Environment Training - Use this form to submit your local safe environment training events to the diocese.

2023 Prevent Child Abuse Month Resources (PDF)

2023 Safe Environment Annual Report Form

Promise to Protect / Pledge to Heal Brochure (PDF) 

Promesa de Proteger / Compromiso Sanar Folleto (PDF)

More Resources for Families, Schools and Parishes

Safe Environment Vision Statement (PDF)

Pronunuciamento Para Ambiente Segruro (PDF)

Tasks of the Parish/School Safe Environment Teams (PDF)

Forming a Safe Environment Team (PDF)

Safe Environment Team Membership Change Form (PDF)

Screening and Criminal Background Checks for Volunteers and Employees (PDF)

Escrutinio y verificatcion de Antecedentes (PDF)

Application for Volunteers: Levels A and B (PDF)

La Aplicacion Para Voluntarios De Nivel A/B (PDF)

Application/Cover Letter for Volunteers in Leadership: Level C (PDF)

La Aplicacion Para Voluntarios De Nivel C (PDF)

Code of Conduct for Church Personnel of the Diocese of Raleigh

Codigo de Conducta (PDF)

EappsDB – criminal background check is closed to new entries until 1/10/ 2024

Parish Self-Audit for Compliance (PDF)

Charter for Protection of Children and Young People - United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Essential Norms for Diocesan/Eparchial Policies Dealing With Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests or Deacons (PDF) - Congregation for Bishops, 2002

CYP Policies and Procedures

Politica y Procedimientos del Programa para la Proteccion de Niños y Jovenes (PDF)

Commitment to Communication

Board and Committee Members

2023 introductory training for children and youth - English and Spanish (PDF)