Victim's Assistance

The Church of the Diocese of Raleigh is committed to listening, healing and reconciliation. Those who believe they would benefit from the diocesan Victims Assistance Program are encouraged to call 1-866-535-7233.

Statement of the Rights and Responsibilities of the Victim/Survivor

Rights of the Victim/Survivor

The rights of the victim/survivor include:

  1. To be listened to and heard with respect, trust and compassion
  2. To be assisted in understanding clearly the processes of the diocese and what to expect in each step
  3. To be assisted in answering the question of what s/he needs from the diocese to move toward healing and what s/he can expect from the diocese in assistance toward that goal in terms of spiritual and psychological help
  4. To be assisted in locating appropriate resources as necessary
  5. To be free to utilize resources other than those provided directly by the Catholic Church and to be free of any coercion/pressure to utilize Catholic Charities or other Catholic-based services
  6. To report to Child Protective Services and/or the Executive Director of the Conference of District Attorneys or other civil or criminal authorities
  7. To proceed with all reporting and legal decisions on his/her own without pressure from the Diocese of Raleigh
  8. To understand clearly and in writing what is being provided by the diocese and what is not being provided in terms of resources by the diocese
  9. To be assisted in meeting with the Bishop or other diocesan officials as desired for purposes of healing and reconciliation

Responsibilities of the Victim/Survivor

The responsibilities of the victim/survivor include:

  1. To be truthful and clear in telling her/his story to the Diocese of Raleigh and in stating requests of the diocese to contribute to his/her healing
  2. To assume her/his responsibility for contacting appropriate resources (therapists and spiritual directors, for example) to arrange to use their services and to participate in treatment planning
  3. To submit documents necessary for the diocese to assist in payment for agreed upon services