List of Clergy with Actionable Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors

From the best information available at this time, the following clergy have been accused of the sexual abuse of a minor while exercising ministry either in the Diocese of Raleigh and/or prior/subsequent to their ministry in the Diocese of Raleigh. In no instance were any allegations of sexual abuse made known to the Diocese of Raleigh prior to the assignment of these clergy in this diocese. These clergy were either of the Diocese of Raleigh or those who had served in the Diocese of Raleigh.

For a clergy member to be listed, the Review Board of the Diocese of Raleigh or another authority determined that the allegation made has a semblance of truth. All accusations of sexual abuse received by the Diocese of Raleigh are reported to law enforcement.

This list covers the period from 1950 to present, with the year indicated of when the alleged abuse occurred, when it was reported to the diocese, and if the report to the Diocese of Raleigh also included subsequent reports of abuse (ff).

During this same period (1950-present), the diocese made misconduct settlements totaling $2,972,750. A third-party, external auditors of the diocese issues a letter annually stating that no funds from the Bishop's Annual Appeal, the Cathedral Campaign, or any parish deposits are used for these settlements. Any settlements that were paid have come from insurance proceeds, either from fully insured coverage or from a diocesan self-insurance fund, or from diocesan unrestricted reserves.

Each listed allegation in the attached was reported to law enforcement. This list includes reports that preceded the protocol and agreement with the NC Conference of District Attorneys established in 2003 to report every accusation of sexual abuse received. This list was compiled from the records of the Diocese of Raleigh, in consultation with the Diocesan Review Board and having received their approval.

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Originally published 10/8/2018. This list is current as of  .

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