Synod 2021-2023 Resources for Parishes

In response to Pope Francis’ synodal call to invite the people of eastern North Carolina and the world to provide their thoughts regarding the Mission of the Catholic Church, parishes are encouraged to use the following educational/promotional resources. 

Note: Content for this page is still under development. Please check back for the latest resources.

Posters and images

English Poster 18x24 (PDF) | Spanish Poster 18x24 (PDF)

English Poster 24x36 (PDF) | Spanish Poster 24x36 (PDF)

QR code for Synod survey (PNG)

Prayer cards

English prayer card (PDF) | Spanish prayer card (PDF)


Facilitator Guide - English (PDF) | Facilitator Guide - Spanish (PDF)

Listening Session Toolkit - English (PDF) l Listening Session Toolkit - Spanish (PDF)

Notetaker Sheet - English (PDF) | Notetaker Sheet - Spanish (PDF)

Participant Guide - English (PDF) | Participant Guide - Spanish (PDF)

Supplemental Guide for Listening Sessions in Catholic Schools (PDF)

Parish or Group Feedback (PDF)

Printable Surveys in Spanish

For a person of another religion (PDF)

For a person without religion (PDF)

For a baptized Catholic Christian (PDF)

For a Protestant Christian (PDF)