Pope Francis: 'The synodal path is not a collection of opinions'

Pope Francis addressed the Union of Major Superiors of Italy, an organization dedicated to promoting a broader understanding of women's religious life. They are celebrating the 70th chapter of their General Assembly, entitled "On the Synodal Journey, Women Witnesses of the Risen Christ." In the meeting, the Pope reflected on how the synodal path should be carried out.

"The synodal path is not a parliament; the synodal path is not a collection of opinions," Pope Francis said. "The synodal path is to listen to life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who is the protagonist of the Synod. And you go on this path with renewed enthusiasm as women witnesses of the Risen One."

This October, Rome will host one of the last two phases of the Synod of Synodality. Pope Francis closed the meeting warning against bitterness, which he called the drink that the devil brews.