Diocese of Raleigh Virtual School Tuition

Basic tuition for the Diocese of Raleigh Virtual School will be*:

Elementary grades K-5 (includes 5 contents courses)
$3,115 per semester;  $6,232 per year
$515 per additional course per semester

Middle school grades 6-8 (includes 5 content courses and one elective)
$3,497 per semester; $6,994 per year
$515 per additional course per semester

High school grades 9-12 (includes 6 full credits per school year: 4 core courses of Math, English, Social Studies, and Science; 1 theology, and 1 elective)
$4,120 per semester for full-time students; $8,240 per year
$1030 per additional course per semester

$600 per semester for AP courses
$500 per semester for non AP electives
$850 per semester for American Sign Language

Refund policy:

No refunds will be granted after the start date of each semester.

*Subject to change


  1. FACTS Tuition Management – If you have not completed this step during the registration process with Catholic Virtual, you are required to set up your tuition account with FACTS Tuition Management. Please visit the website and create your account.
  2. Tuition Acknowledgement Form (PDF) – Please download this attachment and email to: DORVS@raldioc.org. This must be received to complete the enrollment process.
  3. Note: Tuition is to be paid in full at the time of registration.

If you have any questions regarding the tuition payment set up process or your online FACTS account, please feel free to call the FACTS Payer & Applicant Services Line at 866-441-4637.



FACTS Tuition flyer - English (PDF)

FACTS Tuition flyer - Spanish (PDF)