Beginning of Life Initiatives

The Diocese of Raleigh supports activities such as the NC Rally for Life, DC March for Life, 40 Days for Life and The Blessing of the Child in the Womb ceremony (PDF). It also supports ministries such as the Gabriel Project, Project Rachel and Be Not Afraid, which minister to mothers in crisis pregnancies, those in need of healing following an abortion or those who receive a poor prenatal diagnosis.

Parish Webinar: Respect Life Month 2022

This webinar is for anyone who wants to help their parish observe Respect Life Month in October. USCCB staff walk through the website and resources that are available, which highlight the call to serve moms in need and can be found at

Watch the video

Walking with Moms in Need

Resources for Families in Need

For a thorough list of the resources in your area, contact your local parish or Catholic Charities office.

Parishes are encouraged to identify local pregnancy resources. The “Inventory of Local Pregnancy Help Resources for the Parish of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral” (PDF) can help serve those in Raleigh and as a template.

Maternity Homes

One of the maternity homes in North Carolina that has received a lot of support from parishes and serves as an excellent resource to moms in need is “Room at the Inn.”

Pregnancy Centers

There are several pregnancy centers that have significant support from the diocese and Catholic organizations, such as the following:

Albemarle Deanery

Elizabeth City: Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center & Clinic

Cape Fear Deanery

Southport: Samara’s Village

Whiteville: Living Hope Pregnancy Center

Wilmington: Life Line Pregnancy Center

Fayetteville Deanery

Fayetteville: Agape Pregnancy Support

Fayetteville: Hand of Hope Pregnancy Center

Carthage: Life Care Pregnancy Center

New Bern Deanery

Alliance: 1st Choice Pregnancy Resource Center of Pamlico

Havelock: Havelock Pregnancy Resource Center

Jacksonville: Onslow Pregnancy Resource Center

Kinston: Eastern Pregnancy Information Center (EPIC)

Morehead City: Coastal Pregnancy Care Center

New Bern: Eastern Pregnancy Information Center (EPIC)

Newton Grove Deanery

Clayton: iChoose Pregnancy Support Services

Clinton: Life Line Pregnancy Center

Piedmont Deanery

Burlington: Piedmont Rescue Mission (Alamance Pregnancy Services)

Chapel Hill: Pregnancy Support Services

Durham: Pregnancy Support Services

Raleigh Deanery

Fuquay-Varina: Hand of Hope Pregnancy Center

Raleigh: Hand of Hope Pregnancy Center

Raleigh: Birth Choice

Tar River Deanery

Rocky Mount: Your Choice Resource Center

This list is not exhaustive, and if you have any additional resources, please contact Deacon Josh Klickman at the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship to have them added. It is also important to recognize that organizations grow and change, so maintaining relationships is essential, and if you have any questions or concerns about the groups that have been listed, please contact Deacon Josh so he can find resolution.

Respect Life Grants

Please keep in mind that the Diocese offers Respect Life Grants to support groups that walk with moms in need.


Ethics is the effect that morals (knowledge of right and wrong) have on human behavior. Bioethics, then, specifically deals with those patterns of human behavior as applied to the medical field. This encompasses medical research, patient treatments and other general medical issues. These are areas that touch all of our lives in a very personal and sometimes emotional way. This series of talks on Catholic bioethics attempts to bring these issues to light in the fullness of Catholic teaching. The Catholic Church has a rich heritage of teaching and guidance in this area and continues to study these cutting edge issues and apply sound doctrine to bring us to the truth. To learn more, watch the videos and download the resources below.

Watch the 10 talks - Each is approximately an hour in length, suitable for an education night in your parish.

Summary and discussion document (PDF) to accompany the talks 

Diocese of Raleigh Activities and Resources

Be Not Afraid is the Diocese of Raleigh ministry of support to those suffering from a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term. Prenatal diagnosis and screening (PDF) - Read their new brochure to learn what every Catholic needs to know to make informed decisions about prenatal screening and care.

Gabriel Project
The Gabriel Project helps women in crisis pregnancies by offering Christian love and practical solutions at the parish. Contact the Office of Human Life and Dignity for comprehensive information and resources about how to begin Gabriel Project in your parish.

Project Rachel
A ministry to help women and men who suffer emotionally or spiritually because of an abortion. Lay counselors, lay volunteers, deacons and priests are available to work with post-abortive women and men. For more information go to, or call 919-852-1021, or e-mail All contacts are strictly confidential. For more information, please visit our Project Rachel page.

Prayer Initiatives

Pro-life Rosary

Download a pamphlet to pray the Pro-life Rosary (PDF) in English and Spanish

40 Days for Life

Many parishes partner with their local “40 Days for Life” campaign in order to participate in the campaigns that aim to end abortion locally through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful all-day vigil in front of abortion businesses. The Vatican, and many Bishops, have provided their official endorsement for “40 Days for Life.” The current campaigns in the Diocese of Raleigh include the following:

Other Resources

    Dignitas Personae (The Dignity of Person) – An instruction from the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith on ethical issues and biomedical research. It provides guidance on how to respect human life and human procreation in this scientific age.

    USCCB Respect Life Program Resources

    The Word of Life is a monthly resource for parishes to use; it is available in English and Spanish and includes the following:

    • Features of the Month
    • Intercessions for Life
    • Bulletin Quotes
    • Bulletin Art

    Topical Links

    Making room: How a North Carolina maternity home promotes life