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Making of a Catholic Priest

For parishes:

Word On Fire Catholic Ministries, a nonprofit global media apostolate that supports the work of Bishop Robert Barron, has issued the full-length film “The Making of a Catholic Priest.” The film features Father Stephen Gadberry and shares his trials, tragedy and ultimate joy in answering Christ.

"The Making of a Catholic Priest" is available for personal viewing or a parish movie night via the Word on Fire Institute YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/WordonFireInstitute.

An assortment of graphics is available below if you would like to share in your parish bulletin and/or create promotional materials for a parish movie night.

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World Meeting of Families

A note to bulletin editors:

Please post in your parish bulletin the weekend(s) of June 18/19 and 25/26. You may include the weblink and the QR Code which takes them to the webpage. Resources for families will be added the week before June 18/19.

Avisos parroquiales sobre la Jornada Mundial de la Familia Favor de anunciarlas en su boletin los fines de semana de junio 18/19 y junio 25/26


World Meeting of Families (WMOF) is a gathering taking place June 22-26 in Rome. Follow along with the events and find resources on this year’s theme chosen by Pope Francis, “Family Love: A Vocation and a Path to Holiness,” by visiting: https://dioceseofraleigh.org/marriage-and-family-life/world-meeting-families La Jornada Mundial de la Familia es un evento que se llevará a cabo del 22 al 26 de junio, en Roma. Para seguir el evento y encontrar recursos sobre el tema elegido por el papa Francisco para este año, “Amor en familia: vocación y camino a la santidad”, escanea el código a continuación: https://dioceseofraleigh.org/marriage-and-family-life/world-meeting-families

Download this QR code image (PNG) to include with bulletin announcement.

Life in the Eucharist Retreat

Retreat: Life in the Eucharist. Delve into the mysteries of the Eucharist and enrich your own life. Come to this one-night retreat June 17-18 at the Catholic Conference Center in Hickory, NC. Renew your spirit with mix of Adoration, contemplation, and prayer, plus be encouraged by four meditations based on the verbs Jesus used during the last supper: taken, blessed, broken, and given. In each meditation, you’ll be invited to explore how Jesus applies the same verbs to your life. It’d be a great Father’s Day gift, or a gift-to-self on the day before the Feast of Corpus Christi. For more information, visit www.catholicconference.org/eucharist, email info@catholicconference.org, or call 828.327.7441.

Sexual Abuse Retreat

Recovering Our Soul Connections: A Retreat for Women Who Have Been Sexually Abused

The experience of sexual abuse can reach every level of our being and leave us feeling distant from ourselves and even God. You are invited to come together July 7-10 with other women for a weekend experience of reflection and inspiration to help you reconnect with your deepest self and the God who loves all of you.

Recovering Our Soul Connections is a retreat experience designed and led by three spiritual directors — Cindy Neely, Khris Ford, and Liz Deal — who recognize the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit. Over a period of two months prior to the retreat, you will meet with a spiritual director to build a supportive relationship. The retreat itself will include an exploration of Sacred Scripture, music, movement, expressive arts, mutual support, and Eucharistic Liturgy. Offered by The Catholic Community of Saint Thomas More through a gracious gift from the Diocese of Raleigh.

The retreat begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday and concludes at noon on Sunday. It will be held at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center, Stoneville, NC, https://www.stfrancis.today/. All accommodations are single rooms with private baths. Space is limited to 12 retreatants. For more information, or to request an application, please email us at soulconnection366@gmail.com.

Applications can be submitted until April 1, 2022. If accepted to the retreat, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your reservation.

Flyer (PDF)

Triangle-Area Young Adults Saturday Hike and Lunch

Please make available every week since this is a recurring event.

Join us on Saturday mornings for a hike with lunch to follow! We go to different parks and restaurants (always yummy, never fancy) each week, so watch our website for the latest info (https://sites.google.com/view/raleighcatholicya-hikes/home) or send us an email (raleighcatholicya.hikes@gmail.com) to get plugged in.

If you're an adult but are not sure if you're a "young-adult," that means you probably are -- just don't worry about it, and come enjoy nature, food, and fellowship! As a point of reference, though, the group tends to be folks in their 20s and 30s.

Don't forget to RSVP to raleighcatholicya.hikes@gmail.com if you plan to come for a given week! Even if you just do so on the morning of the event, it'll help us know to look for you at the trailhead. If you RSVP ahead of time, we can also keep you in the loop about any emergency cancellations, etc.

If you have kids and want to bring them, feel free to do so! Dogs are also welcome.

For questions or just to connect, email Henry at raleighcatholicya.hikes@gmail.com.

St. John Bosco Conference

Calling all catechists, Catholic school teachers, youth ministers, evangelists, RCIA coordinators, and anyone who hands on the faith to others! Come to the St. John Bosco Conference on July 11-14 at Franciscan University of Steubenville!

This is your time, your place to come be renewed in mind, heart, and skills. Hear from Fr. Mike Schmitz and others. Experience moving worship and outstanding fellowship that will rejuvenate you for life. Join us for our most joyful conference season ever, as Franciscan University celebrates its 75th anniversary! Learn more at steubenvilleconferences.com. Contact Laura Werner at steubenvillemissionNC@gmail.com for more information and to register.

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Project Rachel Post Abortion Healing Retreat

Please publish in parish bulletins (English and Spanish) each weekend in March, April, and May. Participants tell us that they were encouraged to reach out when they saw the announcement published frequently in the bulletin.

If you desire healing from a past abortion, you are invited to experience the love of Jesus Christ at a Project Rachel weekend retreat June 3-5, 2022, in the Raleigh area. The bilingual, healing retreat is strictly confidential for both women and men and includes discussions, spiritual exercises, the sacrament of reconciliation, a Memorial Service, and a Mass of the Resurrection. Participation offers a beautiful opportunity to experience God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion. For more information or to register for the retreat, contact Project Rachel at: project.rachel@raldioc.org or call (919) 852-1021. The website is rachelnc.org The cost is $150 for lodging, meals and all retreat materials if registered before May 13, 2022. Financial assistance is available.

Proyecto Raquel: Retiro de fin de semana de sanación después de un aborto

Si buscas sanación de un aborto en el pasado, Proyecto Raquel te invita a conocer el amor de Jesucristo a través de un retiro de fin de semana, del 3 hasta el 5 de junio del 2022, en el área de Raleigh. El retiro bilingüe es estrictamente confidencial para ambos mujeres y hombres e incluye discusiones, ejercicios espirituales, el sacramento de la reconciliación, un servicio conmemorativo y una Misa de Resurrección. Ofrece también una bella oportunidad para experimentar el amor, perdón y compasión de Dios. Para más información o inscribirse, comuníquese con Proyecto Raquel a través de un correo electrónico: project.rachel@raldioc.org o al número telefónico: 919-264-5892. Para visitar nuestro sitio web ingrese a: rachelnc.org. Si se inscribe y cancela su pago antes del 13 de mayo del 2022, usted estaría pagando $150 e incluye alojamiento, comidas y materiales. Ayuda financiera está disponible.

Employment Opportunities

Visit the Diocese of Raleigh Employment Opportunities page for current job listings at diocesan offices, parishes and schools, as well as some regional positions: dioceseofraleigh.org/employment.

Courage / Encourage

Courage is a prayer and fellowship group that assists individuals with same sex attraction (SSA) to live chaste lives in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. For more information email: courage.sacred.heart@gmail.com, or call 984-289-9489, or visit couragerc.org. Strict confidentiality is maintained.

EnCourage is the affiliate support group for parents, friends and family members of loved ones with SSA. EnCourage helps members to focus on their own spiritual development and offers a supportive environment to share information and guidance for maintaining healthy relationships with our loved ones. Anyone wanting to speak to an EnCourage member, either in a one on one meeting or phone call until COVID restrictions are lifted for regular meetings again, please don't hesitate to reach out. For more information email: encourage.sacred.heart@gmail.com, or call 984-221-0730. Strict confidentiality is maintained.