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Catholic Center Contact
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Collaborating Ministries (Primary)
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Please be as detailed as possible.  Highlight the importance to the diocese and what you hope to accomplish from the event.

Please include a quote from the ministry leader about the event.
Highlight the importance to the diocese and what you hope to accomplish from the event.

Sample quote: Diocesan coordinator of Respect Life and Social Concerns Mary Beth Phillips says, “It is called ‘love my life’ because it is focused on showing youth that God loves them and helping them realize that they don’t have to buy into the lies of today’s culture about what brings happiness.” She expanded on how this year’s theme, “Beloved” ties everything together. “'Beloved' reinforces the fact to teens that they are each beloved by God, which helps them learn to value and respect their bodies, which is all related to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and why we march,” said Phillips.
Centralized mail for parish bulletin announcements?
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Please email to: anjanette.wiley@raldioc.org.

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If you have a professional photo of the speaker, please email to anjanette.wiley@raldioc.org.

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