Parish Capital Campaigns

Development seeks to lift individual people and whole communities to reach their potential. Raising money for its own sake means nothing. The seeking of financial gifts is important because it inspires God's people to holiness through self-giving. This supports the mission of the Church by sustaining and expanding the many ministries to which we are committed for the building of the Kingdom.

Besides inviting great giving in a way that advances the mission of the Church, other important parts of our job are to express gratitude to those who give and to be good stewards of what is given. Collectively, the Church has been given a mission and collectively, we are accountable to God to do our best to fulfill it. That requires the Church to do the best job possible of inviting, thanking and stewarding what we receive.

It is vitally important to connect the greater giving of our parishioners with greater ministry that can be done to fulfill our mission as a Church. Part of the challenge of Church leadership is to better communicate the many great ways we are already caring for people as a way to affirm their previous generosity. To inspire great giving the Church has to be great, or at least have a vision of becoming great, in terms of how it cares for people - both spiritually and materially. This is the integrated approach to development - great giving enables great ministry and great ministry enables great giving.