Parish Stewardship

Our Belief

We believe that the work of parish stewardship, founded on the core scriptural principles of stewardship and self-giving, is a ministry to those who are invited to give and to those that benefit from the Church's work in countless ways

Christian Stewards We are Blessed

  • All we have is a blessing from God - every breath we take, every loved one, every freedom, every talent and ability, every material possession and every natural element in our environment
  • Though we will inevitably face challenges and hardships during our lifetime, those who maintain a steward's perspective find peace and contentment in what they have rather in what they do not have.
  • Appreciating how gifted they are by God, Christian Stewards give of themselves in proportion to their many blessings

Empowering Others

  • Future generations will long realize the sacrifices for our Church
  • Inspires God's people to holiness through self-giving
  • Enables the mission of the Church by sustaining and expanding the many ministries to which we are committed for the building of His Kingdom

Jesus made it clear in the Scriptures that being stewards of our time, talent and treasure is part of the will of His Father.

Parish Stewardship is committed to fostering Christian stewardship as a way of life.

  • We know we are called to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ in recognizing that all we possess is a gift from the Father.
  • We know we are called to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our brothers and sisters
  • We know we are called through Baptism, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to gratefully share God's gifts in proportion to what we have received.

Prayers for Stewardship

Contact Parish Stewardship at or 984-900-3425.