The Word of God is the Word of Life

JESUS TELLS US: I am the way, the door, the truth and the life.

How good and what a comfort it is to take the word of God, read it and meditate on it, in order to discover and/or reaffirm what the Lord’s will is for our lives.

The word of God is the word of life, and, as such, it brings good news. Those who nourish themselves with it find the path that leads to the door that is Jesus, who prepares us green pastures where we can rest. This word of God is a gift that shows us that, throughout the history of humanity, the Lord has always remained faithful to his promise. We have been the ones who have failed him, because we forgot to listen to him, overwhelmed by the noise of the world, losing the way and the door – which is Jesus - in our lives.

Living in the midst of the pollution of news saturated by negativism, violence, sensationalism and divisions, little by little we have lost the ear to hear the beautiful, the sight to see the lovely and the sense to find our way. For this reason, we do not recognize the face of Jesus in our neighbor, and we forget to love him.

There is a channel that is always open, an app that is always running, where, no matter the circumstances we are living at the moment, it always brings news of hope that shows us the true path of holiness and opens the door of the heart so that we may be loved and healed. This channel is the word of God.

In some corner of our homes many times, unfortunately, we find the word of God - the Bible - decorating a library or accumulating dust. That is why oftentimes we have lost the way and have stained our history of salvation with sin.

God is always faithful. His word awaits us to give us good news and, in this way, show us the way for the renewal of our hearts, the renewal of our Church and a hope for our world through the ways of our holiness.

Let us give the word of God its rightful place - not on the shelves of our homes, but in our hearts - so that, through listening to it and meditating on it, the word will cleanse the eyes of our hearts and thus be able to help us find that path and that door which is Jesus himself. Let us tune our hearts into the channel and the way that is the word of God. As Pope Francis says: Every day let us be surprised by Jesus and his love, which is a healing medicine and the path of holiness.