We are called to share

On January 3rd, the feast day of the Holy Name of Jesus, we celebrated the dedication of the new Opus 147 pipe organ with an event that filled the cathedral with a huge crowd who had big expectations of hearing it perform. 

The event was marvelous; it started at vespers and ended with a fantastic concert.

The celebration of the dedication completed a five-year period of work on the creation of this most unique instrument in the world: the Fisk Opus 147.

During the course of our daily lives, we come across many opportunities to grow in our faith through closeness to God, our creator. It is a path that opens for us opportunities to give our best to God’s service through expressions of love to our neighbors.

The organ, as an instrument, helps us raise our heart in prayer to God during the liturgy. Every day we come across our neighbor inviting us to recognize in him the voice and presence of Jesus so that through our service to our neighbor we can find a way to share love and celebrate the gift of life.

When we gather together to celebrate the holy Mass, we do it to worship God, to thank, to pray, to ask and to listen.

Through the celebration of the Eucharist and the sacraments, it is Jesus himself who offers and shares his life and love with us.  It means that our sinful and limited nature meets with the divinity and his infinite mercy and love.

During the Eucharist we celebrate the mystery of our faith and the gift of life. We are called to share life and love.

Life is a gift of love calling us to be grateful to Jesus for the gift which he has generously given us and to rejoice in him.

The same way that the Fisk Opus 147, through its sound, embellishes and exalts our liturgical celebrations, specially the Eucharist; each of us, through the baptism and our faith, is called to enhance our neighbors’ lives and to become an instrument in the service of the Lord.

It is this path that through each of us he can brighten up with his love the hearts and lives of our neighbors and of every single person we meet, starting with our own family.

Life is the sacred fruit of love; let’s allow the sound and the actions of that love be our best way to preach the sacred gift of life.