The pope's best messages and images from World Youth Day 2023

Pope Francis' best messages at World Youth Day Lisbon

During his five day trip to World Youth Day, Pope Francis delivered powerful messages in his wide-range of addresses to youth, political leaders, bishops, the sick, and more.

In his first official event, he encouraged the West to return to its original values. 

"I dream of a Europe, the heart of the West, that uses its ingenuity to extinguish pockets of war," Pope Francis said. "A Europe that includes people and individuals, without pursuing theories or ideological colonization."

Yet despite the rise of secularization, the pope encouraged even greater action towards mission and evangelization during his meeting with bishops. 

"We don't have to avoid this time because we are afraid and take refuge in the forms and styles of the past," he said. "No, this is the time of grace that the Lord gives us to venture into the sea of evangelization and mission."

After trading his audience of government leaders and bishops for young people of all backgrounds, the pope emphasized fearlessness. He encouraged them to go forward with courage and act as the Good Samaritan.

"Have, therefore, the courage to replace fears with dreams; replace fears with dreams. Do not be administrators of fears but entrepreneurs of dreams! Sometimes in life you have to get your hands dirty so you don't dirty your heart," Pope Francis said.

The pope then addressed the over one million young people present at World Youth Day. He emphasized that there is a place for each and every one of them in the Church. 

"In the Church, there is room for everyone. 'Father, but I am a disgraced person; I am a poor person. Is there room for me?' There is room for everyone. Everyone together each one in his own language. Everyone in his own language, repeat after me: 'Everyone, everyone, everyone,'" he said.

"Everyone, everyone, everyone," they responded.

During his final encounter with the youth, the pope left a very clear message. 

"Dear young people, I would like to look each one of you in the eyes and tell you: do not be afraid," he said.

On his highly anticipated trip to Lisbon, Portugal for World Youth Day, Pope Francis encouraged both youth and adults to go forward without fear and puruse their irreplacable role in the Church and the world.

The best images of Pope Francis' trip to World Youth Day Lisbon

Pope Francis is a pope of gestures. During this World Youth Day, he sent many messages of fraternity through his interactions with the pilgrims. These are some of the best images from his time in Lisbon, Portugal.