Our diversity

Our country was built upon the richness of diversity where waves of immigrants have kept it always young.

Immigrants who, out of necessity, sought new horizons, brought with them the sounds of new languages, of different cultures and customs. They arrived and, seeking to preserve their individuality, fused into the vastness of this nation and the wealth of its inhabitants.

This country was built in the midst of pains and challenges, but always with heads held high, searching for a better future.

That better future has been the "dream" of every immigrant. In pain and with tearful eyes, the immigrant broke off from land and loved ones to seek that dream, thinking not only of self but also of others. That dream encouraged many waves of immigrants to travel by land and sea. That dream was also the motivation and the strength that moved this great country to be what it is today, where the waves of immigrants became the energy of the nation.

We call it energy because the wealth and greatness of this nation are due to the generous self-giving of so many immigrants who, coming from very diverse cultures, sacrificed themselves and gave their all to make that dream come true. Thus, those dreamers, by the sweat of their brow, made this nation what it is: the fruit of generosity in coexistence. We feel part of this country and are proud of it.

Each one has his or her own story. This country has received us and allows us to share that story.  Each day it also allows us to do our part for making the dream of "something better" a reality.

Let's celebrate our heritage! Let's celebrate our diversity! Let's be proud of our individuality! In unison, let us rejoice for the customs and beliefs, which, under one sky -- that of the United States of America -- make us partakers in this great nation, which in God puts his trust.