Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral Organ Installation and Revised Cathedral Visiting Hours

What a remarkable time it is in our diocese as we celebrate our Risen Lord and give special thanks for having done so in such a remarkable way this year, as Holy Week and Easter Masses were held for the first time in our Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral! 

Whether you have been to Holy Name of Jesus during visiting hours, attended a Sunday Mass, or participated in Holy Week masses in person, or by watching a live video on the web, you may have noted that a glorious finishing touch to the seat of our diocese is in progress. The installation of the Cathedral’s 58-foot pipe organ is underway with much of the organ casework having already been assembled in the choir loft. 

The 58-foot pipe organ has been constructed in sections at C.B. Fisk, Inc. in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The last of four tractor trailer loads of the organ casing and wood and metal organ pipes arrived last week. After the pipes are hoisted into the choir loft and assembled by the artisans from Fisk, the instrument will undergo a voicing process -  adjusting each of the instruments  3,737 pipes to the acoustics of the church.

Revised Cathedral Visiting Hours

As the organ installation and voicing process continues throughout the year, ahead of the organ’s dedication in early 2019, visiting hours to the Cathedral have been revised to accommodate this process. Visiting hours for public access to the Cathedral will be weekdays, 8 AM – 12 PM.

Please take a moment to read more about the progress of the installation of this magnificent instrument and before planning your visit, please check the Cathedral website for the most up-to-date events schedule.