Catholic Charities prepares to help survivors rebuild

On Thursday, September 5, many areas of the Diocese of Raleigh felt the impact of Hurricane Dorian as it moved up the coast. Some areas experienced winds over 100 mph, which produced multiple tornadoes, flash flooding, and a seven-foot storm surge along the coast. The storm has left many families with damaged homes and a long path to recovery.

Catholic Charities will be working with the community to help survivors as they work to rebuild their lives.

“Right now we are gathering information about what areas were impacted and what needs those families will have,” stated Daniel Altenau, Director of Disaster Services for Catholic Charities. “As that information develops, we will coordinate the collection and distribution of supplies, such as non-perishable food and water, cleaning supplies, hygiene items and diapers.”

Families seeking assistance are encouraged to contact their local Catholic Charities office. A list of Catholic Charities locations can be found at

North Carolina residents, including Catholic Charities staff, have become familiar responding to hurricanes. Catholic Charities assisted thousands of families following Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence and will now work with Hurricane Dorian survivors.

“We are still assisting families from Hurricane Matthew three years later,” stated Altenau. “We know disaster recover is a long-term process, and our goal is to accompany survivors as they first have their immediate needs met, then look to rebuild what they lost.”

Catholic Charities will need the support of the community to help those impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Individuals can make financial contributions to support the Disaster Services program by visiting There is also information about volunteering and making in-kind donations at