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The National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry is an amazing opportunity for youth ministers. This conference is designed to train youth ministers and build connections. This event allows youth ministers all over the country to come together. Youth ministers network and exchange ideas of how to better connect to the youth. It is a great way to stay fresh and relevant to the youth and to get much needed support in ministry. NCCYM also is a time for youth ministers to be spiritually fed, which is greatly needed because our role is to help spiritually feed the youth.

Online Classes

The Youth Ministry Specialization Certificate program has been developed based upon the national standards and competencies for youth ministry leaders. The program can be taken at two levels: a basic or fundamental level and an advanced or national level.

The program consists of four online courses, each of which is made up of two parts: learning modules A and B. In each course, the A learning module will address fundamental or basic concepts for all youth ministry leaders seeking basic diocesan certification. The second part of the course, learning module B, has been developed to take a deeper, more advanced look at the course topic and help prepare people who want to get an advanced diocesan certification and/or national certification. By the end of the program, students who complete both learning modules A & B will develop a portfolio in order to apply for national certification.

Each course involves three or six weeks of active learning, depending on the level of certification that you seek. Following each learning module, students have one week to complete the portfolio assignment. The courses and learning module topics include:

Course One: Fostering the Vision of Youth Ministry
Learning Module 1.A: En-­‐Visioning Catholic Youth Ministry
Learning Module 1.B: Advancing the Vision of Catholic Youth Ministry

Course Two: Cultivating a Culture of Encounter for Adolescents through Evangelization, Catechesis, and Faith Community
Learning Module 2.A: Fundamentals of Evangelization and Catechesis with Adolescents
Learning Module 2.B: Forming a Consequential Faith in Adolescents

Course Three: Connecting Adolescents to Faith
Learning Module 3.A: Increasing Faith Engagement through Prayer, Sacraments, and Social Justice
Learning Module 3B: Outreach in Catholic Youth Ministry Through Pastoral Care and Social Media/ Technology

Course Four: Developing Leadership For Catholic Youth Ministry
Learning Module 4.A: Organizing for Catholic Youth Ministry
Learning Module 4.B: Advanced Leadership Strategies with Youth and Adult Leaders

Post Course 4 Portfolio Development Module
In this framework, the development of the final portfolio would be an optional learning module for those interested in national certification.

Youth Minister Awards

The Diocese of Raleigh recognizes the love, commitment and holiness of our youth ministers. The Companions on the Journey award is given to youth ministers who dedicate their time and care to their youth. Adults can be nominated by sending a recommendation letter from their priest and a letter explaining the merit of the nominee. All nominations are due to the Office of Youth Ministry by March.

Diocesan Adult Award: Companions on the Journey

Criteria: Highest recognition from NFCYM for a diocese to confer to adults who demonstrate:

  • Excellence in youth ministry as reflected in Renewing the Vision
  • Commitment to ongoing education and formation
  • Longevity in ministry
  • Commitment to young people
  • Outstanding leadership at the local and diocesan level