Leonardo Espinosa López

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1st Pre-Theology

High School/College: Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary, Weston, Massachusetts

Birth Date: January 12, 1986 (35 years)

Home Parish: San Francisco Javier (Piedecuesta-Santander)

Hobbies: Visit the Holy Eucharist, read, watch series and documentaries, walk, camping.

Who/what influenced your decision to enter the seminary? I started helping in my parish since I was a kid, and from then I have been part of different apostolic groups. During that time, I have witnessed firsthand the fidelity and commitment of so many priests and consecrated people. Through those experiences, I started to feel that God might be calling me to this path.

Who is your favorite saint? Why? Mother Teresa and Padre Pio, because of their generous dedication to Jesus who is present in those who are in the most need, both spiritually and materially. Also because of their obedience and love for the Gospel to the point that they allow Jesus to become present through them to save and attract more souls to God.

Favorite Scripture Passage: John 17, 1-26

What advice would you give to a young man thinking about the priesthood? Keep going, it’s totally worth it to respond with generosity: but before you respond, put your discernment on God’s hands, through your prayers I am sure you will take the right decision, always with the guide of your spiritual director. God sees us with love, and he wants us to respond with love. He persuades us with his mercy. The Holy Spirit gave us the gift of sanctity and wants us to be example of that sanctity. Mary, our Mother, will be always beside us, holding our hands. It is totally worth it to respond to God’s call with generosity!

What particular devotion(s) do you find helpful in your discernment? Mary, our Mother. She always keeps me near her son, Jesus.

How did your family and friends react when you made that decision? Are they supportive now? When I told them, they were so excited. They have supported me during this process

How big is your family? Where do you fit in? We are a big family, 13 siblings, and I am the youngest one in the family!