Healing from Pornography

Everyone, in some way, is affected by increased pornography use in society. We all suffer negative consequences from its distorted view of the human person and sexuality. The resources below provide education and help with this pervasive and serious issue.

Create in Me a Clean Heart – USCCB Statement on Pornography (2015)

Covenant Eyes – Internet Accountability tracks the websites that you visit on your computers, smart phones, and tablets, and sends them in an easy-to-read report to someone you trust. This makes it easy to talk about the temptations you or your family members face online.

Reclaim – RECLAiM Sexual Health offers an anonymous, science-based, Catholic Online Recovery Program, and provides resources for those who desire to reclaim God’s plan for their lives, and the lives of loved ones impacted by pornography or other unhealthy sexual behaviors.

The Victory App – A great resource for your Apple or Android smartphone. The app includes multiple features to help you break free, including a calendar tracker to help you track your progress, a daily check-in to help you learn your triggers and eliminate your weak spots, and a button to instantly send a prayer request to your accountability partners. Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.