Red Mass draws those in legal professions

The Diocese of Raleigh celebrated the Red Mass at Sacred Heart Church in downtown Raleigh Oct. 4.

The annual celebration honors those who serve in legal profession, judiciary and public life. Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama presided at this special Mass that gathered people of different faiths.

All legal and government professionals are invited to attend regardless of their religious affiliation.

Monsignor David D. Brockman was homilist and encouraged those gathered to, in all things, seek wisdom and prudence, especially in light of the kinds of decisions and responsibilities they face in their profession. He quoted a professor he had as a seminarian who said, “If you lack justice or lack knowledge, I can help you. If you lack wisdom, God can help you. But if you lack common sense, nobody can help you.” 

After the homily, Bishop Luis Rafael asked all legal professionals and public officials to stand and receive a blessing from the Holy Spirit. 

The first recorded Red Mass was celebrated in Paris in 1245. The tradition expanded to England in 1310 where the Lord High justices wore scarlet robes. The first recorded Red Mass in the United States was celebrated in New York City in 1928.