Recently retired, and ready to work

Beth Carter

Beth Carter sits inside a large room on the 3rd floor of downtown Wilmington’s  Harrelson Building. It’s a Friday afternoon. The lights are off, but sunlight comes in through the windows and an overhead projector glows as the words “Don’t agonize, organize” are displayed on a screen. 

It’s a canvasser meeting, and it’s led by Emilie Hart, the regional director for Catholic Charities Cape Fear Office. Hart is training volunteers in how to visit homes, listen to those impacted by the storm, ask questions and stay engaged in a process that will take months.

“The work you are doing is vital. Get rest, plenty of water, guard your clipboard with your life and stay current,” Hart smiled at the volunteers.

Carter, a recently retired teacher, is one of about 11 people in the room. She’s Episcopalian and learned of the volunteer opportunity from the priest at her church. Carter’s home fared fine, but she knows many of her neighbors weren’t as lucky.

“I just felt like this was something I could do. I want to give it a try,” Carter said.

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