Priest from South Korea takes post at St. Andrew Kim

Father Heakseng Choi, originally from Taegu, South Korea and the archdiocese there, arrived in North Carolina in December to serve at St. Andrew Kim Church in Fayetteville.

Alongside parishioners John Park and Stephan Cho, who served as interpreters, Father Choi visited Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama at the Catholic Center in Raleigh April 20.

The visit was centered around a welcome and conversation about the parish. Father Choi shared two boxes of Korean pears, which are larger and have a different flavor and texture than pears most commonly available in the United States, with the bishop.

“I wanted to come to America because it is wide open, and a big country,” Father Choi, who originally hails from one of the most populated cities in South Korea, said. “St. Andrew Kim Parish reminds me of a countryside church. The people are friendly and kind. There’s harmony.”

According to Park and Cho, who serve on the parish council, the parish has about 50 families and offers Mass on Wednesday mornings, Friday evenings and Sundays.