Pope Francis warns priests against being worldly as it is 'root of all forms of abuse'

During a weeklong program hosted by the Dicastery for the Clergy, Pope Francis met with participants of the International Conference for the Ongoing Formation of Priests.

The pope warned those present against being “worldly” and reminded them that they can only live their priestly ministry well if they are “immersed” and “walking together” with lay people.

"This belonging to the people—never feeling separated from the path of God's holy faithful people—guards us, sustains us in our labors, accompanies us in pastoral anxieties and preserves us from the risk of detaching ourselves from reality and feeling omnipotent. Let us be careful, for this is also the root of all forms of abuse," Pope Francis said.

From February 6-10, more than 1,000 priests from around the world reflected on the theme, “Revive the gift of God that is in you” in this conference in Rome.