Pope Francis on homosexuality: 'Every sexual act outside of marriage is sin'

Pope Francis’ interview with Associated Press also addressed the question of the Church and homosexuality. 

The Pope was asked what the Church should do in places where the legal norms "contribute to a climate of violence and discrimination against the gay and trans community."

Pope Francis said that even if the Church considers it a sin for homosexual people to have relationships with each other, these norms are unjust.

Days later, in a letter sent to Jesuit Father James Martin, who is involved in the pastoral care of the LGTBQ community, the Pope further explained his comment. 

He said that sexual relations between people of the same sex are a sin because for the Church "every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin."

At the same time, Pope Francis explained that "there are circumstances that diminish or nullify guilt" and that, in any case, it is always wrong to "criminalize homosexuality."