Pope encourages restless youth to become missionaries: 'Look to St. Francis Xavier'

Pope Francis greeted the pilgrims waiting for him in the rain from the popemobile. As usual, he blessed the babies that appeared along the way. 

He continued his catechesis on evangelization, using the life of St. Francis Xavier as an example. He evangelized in India and Japan and died in the outskirts of China. The pope assured that his missionary work can also be imitated today.

"So many young people today have a certain restlessness and do not know what to do with that restlessness," Pope Franci said. "Look at Francis Xavier. Look at the horizon of the world. Look at the people who are in so much need. Look at so many people who suffer. So many people who need to know Jesus, and go, have courage."

This catechesis was scheduled for last week but was postponed since the audience was shared with the Coptic Orthodox pope.

During the General Audience, there was also a noteworthy occurence: the pope answered a phone call. It is not the first time he has done this during an audience. The Vatican has not yet given details of what this telephone conversation was about during a public event.