NET Ministries Retreats

The Office of Evangelization and Discipleship sponsored a visit of National Evangelization Teams (NET) missionaries to the Diocese of Raleigh.

NET Ministries is a nationwide organization that trains young adults (18-24 years of age) to travel the country providing retreats for young Catholics. Throughout the weekend, missionaries visited and carried out three different events.

The missionaries held a retreat for the middle school youth of St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Fayetteville. They returned to St. Patrick on Sunday afternoon to lead a mini-retreat for the confirmation group.

On the following day, the missionaries traveled to the coast and held a retreat for the youth of the parishes of the Albemarle Deanery.  The retreat was originally scheduled to be carried out at Holy Redeemer in Kitty Hawk, but poor weather conditions pushed the event to Holy Family in Elizabeth City. The hard work and dedication of Andy Baker, Youth Ministry coordinator, as well as ministry leaders of the deanery ensured a successful and faith-filled day.

The day was possible thanks to the funding that is provided through the “Rural and Small Parish Youth Ministry Grants” administered by the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship (OED). The OED has also issued grants to carry out retreats in conjunction with “The Art of Worship” in the Fayetteville and Tar River deaneries as well as the annual “Hard as Nails” youth retreat in the Newton Grove Deanery.