Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is Sept. 8

We’ve all been there. We’ve forgotten a friend’s or loved one’s birthday at one time or another. But what if that person in your life is a parent or a spouse?

One year, I came pretty close to forgetting my husband’s birthday. I was completely aware of it leading up to the day. But our family has so many birthdays in the month of September that it’s hard to remember them all! On the morning of my husband’s birthday, my memory lapsed, and I didn’t realize it until several hours after he had left for work. I had only a few hours to do something really special before he came home.

My husband is not a big fan of cake with frosting, but he loves homemade fruit pies. With the prep of cutting fruit and kneading and rolling out a homemade crust, this can be a laborious endeavor. A homemade pie was not going to happen. I improvised and decided on a crostata – a rustic dessert that is essentially the same but comes to- gether in half the time. And it lends itself to his Italian roots. Win-win.

There’s also another important birthday in September: Our Blessed Mother’s! The solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Nativity is celebrated on Sept. 8. And as important as it is to recognize and celebrate a spouse’s birthday, it is also beautiful and important to celebrate the day of Our Lady’s birth.

While what we think of as a birthday cake did not exist in ancient Judea, fruit was a common source of food during the time of Christ.   So this rustic crostata dessert that saved me on my husband’s birthday would be perfect for the occasion of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

There are only three birthdays celebrated in the Catholic Church: the births of our Lord, St. John the Baptist and our Blessed Mother. On this special day in September, pray a rosary and sing Marian hymns, and prepare a special dessert to honor her. Don’t forget. It’s Sept. 8.

Michelle DiFranco is a designer and the busy mom of three children.