Bishop Zarama's All Saints Day Mass homily

On November 1, Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints, a Catholic Holy Day of Obligation, at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh.

Following the gospel reading, Matthew 5:1-12, Bishop Zarama explained the beatitudes. “Why would the Lord say, ‘Blessed are you who are crying, because you will be consoled?’ It is because when we let the Lord see how we feel, it’s the only way He has to help us.” He said we have to allow Jesus to come and help us.

In conclusion, he said, “We are a communion of people who are in the process of becoming saints. We are on this journey together, trying to be better and helping each other.”

“Remember, there is not a sad saint in heaven. That means that we need to live the church with joy, because we celebrate the lives of the saints in heaven. It is hope and when you have hope, you smile. We need to live the church with joy!”