NFP Resources

Called to the Joy of Love - NFP Week 2022 (PDF)

2021 USCCB Fertility Awareness Insert (PDF)

2020 USCCB Fertility Awareness Insert (PDF)

Catholic Couples NFP  (free NFP instruction)

True Love Respect Human Dignity (homily)

What is Charting (resource tool)

Tools to Choose a Method (resource tool)

Prayer for NFP Couples

Interview about Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life) (video)

Family Planning the Natural Way (article)

Welcoming Children (articles and resources)

NFP is at the service of life (article - PDF)

Physician Support

If you would like to connect with a physician trained to support natural family planning and assist with fertility issues or concerns, please contact our department.


Beauty in the science behind NFP (Sean and Emily Kennedy) 

Join Sean and Emily Kennedy as they describe the beauty in the science behind NFP and how natural family planning allows you to understand and appreciate the gift of your fertility.

Why become a NFP Instructor? (Emily and Sean Kennedy) 

Interested in becoming an instructor? Emily Kennedy is a trained instructor in the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning and shares about how being an instructor is a calling to serve others and walk with them in their journey.

The gift of NFP in our marriage (Caitlin and Thomas Zawistowicz)

Caitlin and Thomas Zawistowicz share about the gift that NFP has been in their marriage and how prayer, discernment, and openness to God’s will have strengthened their marriage.

Joint Responsibility with NFP (Joan and Kyle Mansfield) 

Joan and Kyle Mansfield share about their journey of being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, connecting with a NAPRO Physician, and adopting their daughter.