Basic Catechist Certification for Catholic School Teachers

Religion is at the center of a Catholic School curricula. Schools must be permeated with Catholic theology and practice of the faith. It is critical that a religion instructor have adequate preparation:

Teachers of Religion:

  • All teachers of Religion are required to complete the Basic Catechist Certification for Catholic Schools Teachers awarded by the Diocese of Raleigh within the first year or two of hire.
  • The Certification is composed of three components: A) Foundation in Catholic Doctrine, B) Methodology in Catechesis, and C) Catholic School Culture.

Teachers who do not teach Religion, are Non-Catholic, or who have been away from the Church:

  • Must complete a four-hour course entitled “Mission and Culture of Catholic Schools,” within the first semester of hire.
  • The course is offered each year in October jointly through the Office of Education and the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship.

Record Keeping:

Once certified there is no requirement to renew. However, ongoing formation is encouraged. The teacher is responsible for keeping a record of his/her Certificate and ongoing formation. A copy the Certificate is to be kept by the school principal. Teachers who would like CEU’s for their NC Teaching License may submit evidence of their ongoing formation through the Catholic Schools Office CEU submission process. 

Certification information sheets (PDF)