Safe Environment Training -Entrenamiento de Español TIME CHANGE

NOTE TIME CHANGE - El entrenamiento comenzará a las 10:30am, domingo de diciembra 16th. Por favor de contactar 919-772-5524 para inscribirse. Este entrenamiento es un requisito para el clero, los empleados y aquellos con posiciones de liderazgo con niños y jóvenes adolescentes. No hay costo para este entrenamiento y todos son bienvenidos. Come to Saint Mary, Mother of the Church Parish in Garner for a training session on the topic of recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect. The session will be held Sunday, December 16 at 10:30am. This is the safe environment training that is required for all clergy, employees and those in leadership positions with children and youth. Please call the parish to register (919-772-5524). This session is for those who are being initially trained and also for those who need to complete their 5 year renewal cycle.