Missionary Team Leads

Vagabond Missions
Employment Type
Full Time
Greenville, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Oklahoma City, OK; Indianapolis, IN, Steubenville, OH
Posted Date

Hours Per Week:  40 (Full-time, salaried  - support raised)

Benefits:  Housing, 2.5 weeks of vacation, optional health care, monthly retreat day

General Purpose of Position: 

Strategy and Management. This position focuses strategy (dreaming, planning, and implementing, effective ministry in area) and management (building, training, and guiding local team of missionaries).

Organizational Relationship and Supervision: 

The Team Lead reports directly to the Area Director for ministry guidance and ultimately to the Ministry Director. The Area Director, in cooperation with the Ministry department, provides an annual evaluation of the Team Lead’s performance. 

The Primary Task: 

The Team Lead understands and implements Vagabond Missions model of inner-city youth ministry by overseeing, training, and guiding a site-team of two to four other missionaries. 


  1. A leader deeply committed to spreading the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and inviting others, especially youth, into the life of the Catholic Church. 
  2. A leader dedicated to a Christ-like, ‘servant leadership’ model: someone who willingly ‘gets into the trenches’ with their missionaries to carry out day-to-day ministry.         
  3. A leader who is highly motivated and organized.
  4. A proactive, creative, and approachable leader who is effective at achieving goals with and through small teams.
  5. A leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  6. A leader with strong understanding of Vagabond Missions’ inner-city youth ministry model as well as its missionary ‘rule of life’.   
  7. A leader who demonstrates Vagabond Mission Core Values: Mission Drive, Self-Starter, Deep Prayer Life, Selfless/Serving Heart, Builder of Community, Fun.


  1. Attendance and Leadership at the following is expected:  Weekly team meetings, Breakout (Outreach) Nights, Bible Study/Worship, Core Team Meetings, Sunday mass with teens and Jesus Class (RCIA).
  2. Willingness and ability to mentor youth and staff in times of crisis.
  3. Oversee, develop and manage all aspects of a balanced youth ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship and outreach.
  4. Develop partnerships in the local area.
  5. Keep records of youth participation.
  6. In conjunction with the AD, manage expenses and the site ministry budget.
  7. Disciple 3-5 teens in ongoing formation.
  8. Work in concert with the gifts and talents of other staff members and maintain a teamwork mentality.  Manage site missionaries and maintain communication with AD.
  9. Communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, groupme, phone, company apps).  Ensure communication with the local mission and leadership, parents, and the teens.
  10. Fundraising (personal support-raising and occasional help with local site fundraising).


  1. Living a mission driven life as model missionary (Rule of Life, Core Values).
  2. Ongoing model of ministry with teens (Contact work, outreach, programs, discipleship).
  3. Collaborative team that share responsibilities (Guiding team scheduling, leading ministry strategies).
  4. Team culture in which missionaries are holy, healthy and successful (twice a month or weekly 1:1s, supportive attitude).
  5. Site team is engaged in the area they serve (Parish, high schools, volunteer recruitment, meals/donations). 

Qualifications and Aptitudes:

  1. Must embrace Christian discipline and Catholic doctrine and theology.
  2. A Bachelor's degree is preferred.  
  3. Must possess a demonstrable ability to oversee/manage others, and delegate tasks effectively.
  4. The ability to encourage teamwork/team building.
  5. Strongly demonstrates fundraising skills.
  6. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and conflict management skills.
  7. 2+ years previous experience in youth ministry or mission work (Appropriate leadership/management experience in lieu of a full 2+ of ministry experience would also be considered).
  8. Working knowledge of Catholic catechesis and youth ministry methodology.