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Msgr. Michael Shugrue elected as Diocesan Administrator


Today, the College of Consultors for the Diocese of Raleigh convened to elect a Diocesan Administrator to serve the Diocese until a new Bishop is appointed by the Holy Father. After prayer and discernment, they have elected Monsignor Michael P. Shugrue who accepted the position and will lead day-to-day operations.

Monsignor Shugrue is a retired priest of the Diocese who was ordained on May 19, 1966 at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick in Charlotte by the Bishop Vincent Waters. He served in parishes throughout eastern North Carolina, including as the rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral and spent 9 years as Campus Minister for the Duke Catholic Center at Duke University. Additionally, he served as the Vicar for Priests and Vicar General. He was named a Monsignor in 2000.

Please keep Monsignor Shugrue in your prayers as we await a decision by the Holy Father to appoint a new Bishop of the Diocese of Raleigh.

Background on the role of a Diocesan Administrator:

The Diocesan Administrator is a priest who is elected by the College of Consultors and who is at least 35-years-old, known to be a man of sound doctrine and prudence such that he can oversee the administrative functions of a Diocese until a new Bishop is appointed and installed.  The Administrator has the obligation and authority of a Diocesan Bishop and that of a Vicar General, with the exception of those matters which are by their nature or provision reserved to a Bishop.  Examples of those matters reserved to a Bishop would include the ordination of priests or deacons.