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Bishop Burbidge responds to the Opportunity Scholarship Program decision by NC Supreme Court


In response to yesterday's NC Supreme Court decision regarding the Opportunity Scholarship Program, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of the Diocese of Raleigh offers the following statement:

The Diocese of Raleigh is very pleased with yesterday’s North Carolina Supreme Court decision to uphold the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Beyond being constitutional, the Opportunity Scholarships help to give parents—the primary educators of their children—the basic freedom to decide which educational environment is best for their children. 
We are so grateful to the many parents who allow our Catholic schools the privilege of partnering with them in the education and formation of their children. These scholarships provide a window of opportunity for those who would otherwise not have the means to seek a private school education. The goal of Catholic education is to be available to all people, regardless of income.
In this country, our schools have succeeded for hundreds of years by providing excellent education to all people; and our standards, teaching requirements, and benchmarks drive student achievement and success. 
Today, we celebrate the decision by the NC Supreme Court. But, while this particular victory is won, Catholic school parents and students can rest assured that we will continue advocating for parental choice in education!