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Bishop Burbidge responds to the killing of Marines in Chattanooga, TN


In response to the tragic shooting in Chattanooga, TN, Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Diocese of Raleigh offers the following statement:

In solidarity with Most Reverend Richard F. Stika, Bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville, I express my deepest sadness and prayerful support for the four Marines who were killed, the military personnel and law enforcement officer who were injured, their families, and all those affected in the shootings that took place yesterday in Chattanooga, TN.  I ask all in the Diocese of Raleigh to pray for the repose of the souls of all those who died and for the healing of those injured, as well as for the people of Chattanooga especially during this difficult time.  Please also remember in gratitude, those in our United States military, especially those stationed here in North Carolina, for their many sacrifices in service to the cause of freedom.  Lastly, let us also continue to pray for the gift of peace in our world, especially among those whose hearts are easily turned toward violence, that they may find the peace and consolation of Our Lord, always.