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Bishop Burbidge at Holy Thursday Mass: Ways the faithful may "wash the feet" of others in their daily lives


The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge celebrated the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Raleigh at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2016. Msgr. Gerald Lewis, Fr. Justin Kerber, C.P., Fr. Edward Wolanski, C.P., and Fr. Chesco Garcia concelebrated.

The Mass marked the beginning of the Easter Triduum, which reaches its high point in the Easter Vigil and closes with Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday. During Mass, the feet of 12 people were washed to commemorate the example of Jesus, who washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.

In his homily Bishop Burbidge spoke about ways the faithful may “wash the feet” of others in their daily lives.

“We ‘wash the feet’ of one another by continuing our many works and ministries in compassionate and loving service of the poor, the hungry, the homeless and all those in most need,” Bishop Burbidge said. “At this fragile time in our world … there is another way we must wash the feet of our brothers and sisters. It is through the respect we show to each other, especially when we engage those within the Church, the political arena and our circle … who may disagree with us.”

Bishop Burbidge encouraged an end to shouting and labeling, and he added that our world needs for people to show mutual respect.

At the end of Mass, Bishop Burbidge removed the Blessed Sacrament from the main altar and, in procession, placed it on the Altar of Repose, where Adoration was prayerfully observed until midnight. 

Read Bishop Burbidge's homily

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