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Bishop Burbidge calls for Ebola Collection


Over the past months, the heartbreaking stories of those who have died and of those who have been infected from the Ebola virus have been publicized. In addition, the fear related to this disease is damaging economies in West Africa and is threatening many communities there. Without a vaccine or current cure, the best weapon against Ebola is information about how to avoid contracting the disease and spreading it.

Bishop Burbidge has asked parishes to consider a second collection, at a time that is best suited for each respective parish, that would go toward relief efforts on behalf of the Church for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Funds collected will go to Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which is the international relief arm of the Catholic Church. CRS has been instrumental in working to address this disease in West Africa, and has reopened a Catholic health facility that closed when many of its staff died from Ebola. CRS is also working to see to it that those who die from Ebola receive burials that are safe and dignified.

Please join Bishop Burbidge and others throughout the Diocese of Raleigh in offering prayers for those who have died and for those who have been greatly impacted by this disease, and also in offering prayers for those who are providing medical care and assistance to those who have been afflicted.