Philip Tooley

1st Year College

Seminary: Frassati House of Formation at Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, NC

Ordination Date: 2029

Birth Date: August 11

Home Parish: Sts. Cyril and Methodious, Cary

High School: Southern Wake Academy

Hobbies: singing, reading, and basketball

Who Influenced/Inspired you to Priesthood: There are several people who inspired me to pursue the Priesthood, but my parents would be at the top of the list. Some honorable mentions would be Fr. Mark Betti, Bishop Michael Burbidge, and Fr. Chesco.

What would you say to a young man who thinks he may have a vocation: To a young man discerning I’d say, have a little Faith. God does have a plan you just need to trust him.

Favorite Scripture Passage: Psalm 23 verse 4 is my favorite bible verse.

Favorite Saint: St. Philomena is my favorite saint.

Anything else of note you would like to share with the Diocese: Other fun facts: I have ten siblings and I’m a huge fan of Waffle House.