What Will the Future Hold?

Through the years, God has called men and women to dedicate themselves entirely to Him in loving service to the Church. These communities live intensely the witness of the Gospel.

The future of religious life will involve discerning with the guidance of the Holy Spirit how to best respond to the signs, needs and challenges of the our times.

On February 2, 2014, the World Day of Consecrated Life, Pope Francis stated, “Every consecrated person is a gift for the People of God on a journey. There is much need of their presence, that strengthens and renews the commitment to spread the gospel, to Christian education, to charity for the most needy, to contemplative prayer; the commitment to a human and spiritual formation of young people, of families; the commitment to justice and peace in the human family.”

Pope Francis further said, “It is necessary to value with gratitude the experience of consecrated life and deepen the knowledge of different charisms and spiritualities. We must pray, so that many young people respond ‘yes’ to the Lord who calls them to consecrate themselves wholly to Him for disinterested service to their brethren.”

In looking to the future, we pray that Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Father Walter Cizeck, S.J. are proclaimed saints. Also pictured in this section are postulants, novices, junior professed sisters, and seminarians of the religious communities of men and women who currently serve the Diocese of Raleigh. We are grateful to God for their generous response to God’s call and we pray for them as they continue to discern the vocation that God has called them. May their witness inspire us in the vocation that God has called each of us.