Theology of the Body

“The body reveals the person. This phrase tells us all there is to know about the body. Science can examine our flesh in minute detail, down to our cells and even our DNA. But no amount of scientific exploration can replace the truth that our bodies reveal us, giving form to our innermost being and unique personality. Our bodies are sacramental—they make the invisible visible.” John Paul II, Theology of the Body in Simple Language

The Diocese of Raleigh partners with Family Honor to provide and promote a family-centered Catholic approach to Chastity Education.  Through a variety of parish-based, family-centered programs, Family Honor presenters bring parents and their children together to discuss the true meaning of love, chastity, fertility, friendship, true self-worth, sexuality and much more in an age-appropriate manner.

The Truth About Pornography: In this episode of "A Catholic Life," Dave DiNuzzo of speaks with host Billy Atwell about the true impact and damage caused by pornography. 


For a concise overview of Theology of the Body, listen to a 50-minute video by Dr. Patrick O’connell: