Catholic Religious Education Coordinator

Seymour Johnson AFB
Employment Type
Part Time
Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
Posted Date

Part-Time- Contract

The Catholic Religious Education Coordinator responsibilities:

*Position is Contingent upon Contract Award

Education and Experience Requirement:

• Must have at least a minimum of two years of experience as a catechist in a Chapel or church setting with an endorsement letter for their work from their parish leader upon submission of initial quote documentation. The Contractor will have an Archdiocese of the Military Services Catechist Certification or will have certification completed within ninety (90) days of contract award. Certificate shall be provided to the COR.

• Shall have experience working with Catholic children’s programs including Sunday RE, sacramental preparation for reconciliation, Eucharist and children’s liturgy of the Word. Shall be trained and have experience working in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults process.

• Shall have a minimum of one year experience with recruiting and training catechists and other volunteers.

• Possess a basic working knowledge of budgets.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Consult with the Catholic Chaplain/Priest, develop and submit an annual calendar of RE events by 1 July of each calendar year.

• Provide written weekly Catholic Religious Education (CRE) program updates to the Catholic Chaplain/officiating priest. Status update shall include pertinent information regarding: volunteers, attendance, speakers (some shall be Catechists), and RE supplies (quantities) and concerns. Religious literature must be pre-approved by the Wing Chaplain prior to use.

• Store all CRE related schedules, volunteer lists, prospective speakers and other coordinated documents in accordance with 4 CS/SCXK Privacy Act Information storage requirements.

• Submit fund requests five business days before payment/purchase (budget amounts will be provided for program coordination) to the Catholic Chaplain for all CRE program requirements. For RE mission-essential items (e.g. Catholic Catechisms, Bibles, AMS required booklets), use the Appropriated Fund (APF) Purchase Request Form. If fund request items are not mission-essential or non-required RE supplies (e.g. pizza, coke, pancakes), use the Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund (CTOF) Form, Air Force Form 4356. Both forms will be located on the shared drive.

• Submit a Chapel Tithes and Offerings budget prior to 1 May for the future fiscal year budget.

• Maintain and secure a consolidated list of volunteers for all RE program events/activities in the in accordance with 4 CS/SCXK Privacy Act Information storage requirements.

• Develop, supervise and provide weekly religious education programs (mid-week programs run during the school year). Is responsible for recruiting, training and assisting all volunteers for Catholic RE programs.

• Develop, coordinate, and distribute teaching schedules and location information with all speakers, catechists and volunteers two weeks before class start date.

• Schedule and maintain a list of backup personnel for all potential speakers, catechists and volunteers.

• Coordinate and setup room requirements for the Catholic RE program. Recruit staff, procure necessary materials and supplies, train volunteer staff as needed and supervise this activity.

• Catholic priest will approve all speakers. Coordinate base and facility access for all approved speakers.

• Arrive no later than fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled RE activities

 Hours and Performance:
• Shall work approximately 7 hours a week